Who are we?

LoGolf is the specialist in printed and embroidered golf items. For over 30 years, we supply throughout Europe to companies trading in promotional gifts. You can contact us for all golf-related products that we provide with a high-quality print or embroidery.

The sales office is located in Naarden and the production takes place in Enschede. 

LoGolf is part of Promocorp. Promocorp consists of 5 companies, each of which specialises in its own promotional products.  



What do we do?

We sell all golf items that can be provided with a logo. From golf accessories such as tees and pitchforks to golf balls, and from headwear to course dressing such as hole flags and banners. We work closely with well-known golf brands such as Titleist, Callaway and Wilson but also supply private label and unbranded golf products. Because of these longlasting partnerships, we always have exclusive branded products in our range that are exclusively available at LoGolf.

A large part of our assortment we keep in stock ourselves. Because of our own production facilities we are flexible, have short delivery times and limit the number of transport movements.

Curious about the production processes? Then click on “how it’s made”.    

Trade associations

LoGolf belongs to trade organisations in the Netherlands (PPP), Belgium (BAPP) and Germany (GWW).