How it's made

Golf balls
The most popular golf item is the golf ball which lends itself well to logo printing. The printing of golf balls is done in-house by one of our printers who specialize in printing golf balls. We use the digital printing technique as well as pad printing. Both printing techniques have advantages and disadvantages, we are happy to advise you on the printing technique that best suits your needs based on the golf ball, logo and delivery time. Due to the very generous stocks in combination with our own production facilities, we are flexible and have short delivery times.

In addition to the golf balls themselves, tees are also indispensable on the golf course. We have a generous stock of bamboo wooden tees at all times. A sustainable choice that is also highly appreciated by greenkeepers. We provide these tees from 250 pieces in our own production with a full colour print in the cup. In addition to unbranded tees, we also offer this option exclusively for the Titleist, Callaway and Wilson brands. 

Golf towels
The embroidery of golf towels, caps and polo shirts, among others, is done in our own production facilities. Here we use high-quality industrial embroidery machines of the brand Tajima. A good embroidery card is essential for beautiful embroidery. We create these embroidery cards in our own studio. Before a test embroidery is sent, it’s first approved by one of our specialists.